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« My biggest problem is that I run after time, which means I’m often unable to respond to all requests within a reasonable time frame. How do I automate my repetitive tasks and keep in touch with the field? »

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” Convincing a town hall to give me its land is not easy because you have to stand out from the competition. How can I guarantee the best integration of new occupants in the neighbourhood that will qualify my file? “

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” As a social innovator, I must remain at the forefront of novelty while including as many people as possible. What are my options for hearing everyone and offering an innovative service to all? “

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” My clients who manage buildings are overwhelmed and cannot always give me the best information about the interventions to be carried out. What is the solution to best prepare my work and keep in touch with both my clients and occupants? “

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” Municipal buildings are demanding regular maintenance, and my service is crumbling with requests from all sides without a practical way to prioritize interventions. How do I respond quickly to my internal clients and organize my service? “

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” Everyone is asking for a hand, but if I serve everyone, then I won’t have the time to do my job. I need a solution to order my priorities. “

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